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Tenebrous Press

YOUR BODY IS NOT YOUR BODY - anthology (softcover 240 pages; includes eBook)

YOUR BODY IS NOT YOUR BODY - anthology (softcover 240 pages; includes eBook)

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2022 Shirley Jackson Award Nominee - Best Anthology

**A portion of proceeds from YOUR BODY IS NOT YOUR BODY through the Tenebrous webstore go to the Trevor Project.**

A centaur seeks illicit surgery in an alien bodily modification club.

Two medieval monks react to their transformation and demonic pregnancy in very different ways.

A resourceful trans teen destroys sports bigots through the power of pluckiness...and abundant body horror.

A stellar cathedral crosses galaxies to dump the corpse of God into a star before the mission devolves into a panoply of psychedelic orgies.

A doxxed teen falls victim to violent assault and dishes out some harrowing retribution of their own.

Over thirty Trans and Gender Nonconforming creators unite to voice their rage, and the rules of conventional Horror go out the f$%&ing window in this collection featuring murderous pleasure-bots; proselytizing zombies; acid-filled alien cops; science run amok; sorcerers, ghouls, cannibals...and that barely scratches the grave-dirt.


Table of Contents

Introduction by M. Belanger

The Flensing Lens—LC von Hessen

Tonsilstonespunksplatter666!—Rain Corbyn

High Maintenance—S.A. Chant

The Infinite Being—F. Tullia Catulla

Brother Maternitas—Viktor Athelstan

The Same Thing That Happened to Sam—M. Lopes da Silva

Ballad of the Pest—Meagan Hotz

Playing House—Ziggy Schutz

Hybrid—Rose Sable

Cholesterol-Monoxide—W.N. Derring-Judith

Why We Keep Exploding—Hailey Piper

We've Been Trying to Reach You—Charles Maria Tor

Lost in Reincarnation—Devaki Devay

Because My Mother Tells Me So—Dayna Ingram

Seaflowers—Ori Jay

Fencing Chestplate—Avi Burton

Gender Envy—Gabriel Valentine

Rest, my head.—Cosmin-Mihai Bîrsan

The Divine Carcass—Bitter Karella

Chironoplasty—Joe Koch


The Lives of Scavengers—Rhiannon Rasmussen

The Simulacrum—Max Turner

The Roots They Pull—Taylor J. Pitts

Stench—Vincent Endwell

The Pearl Diver—Bri Crozier

Tiny Magic—G.E. Woods

Cover art by:

Mx Morgan G Robles

Featuring illustrations by:

Harrison Webb


Lillian Hochwender

Becca Snow


Cori Walters

William Taylor

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