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SPLIT SCREAM Vol. 5 **Preorder** - Two Novelettes (eBook only)

SPLIT SCREAM Vol. 5 **Preorder** - Two Novelettes (eBook only)

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This is a preorder. This item will ship on or around July 23rd. 

The latest volume of editor Alex Ebenstein's acclaimed series arrives, featuring brand new Weird Horror novelettes from Bitter Karella (Midnight Pals) and Lyndsey Croal (Have You Decided on Your Question)

The Ballad of Horse Girl - Bitter Karella

California, 1860. The corrupt judge and snake oil baron, Lazarus Dives, murdered her family; now the nameless drifter known only as the Horse Girl is out for revenge. But can a man who’s sold his soul to the devil for eternal life be killed? It’ll be no easy task; but with extra motivation in the form of a bounty on the judge by Death herself, the Horse Girl plans to collect—even if it costs her soul. A classic Western tale of retribution meets supernatural horror.

The Girl with Barnacles for Eyes - Lyndsey Croal

Every year, the enigmatic Curator sails into Evie’s coastal town to display his wonders from beneath the ocean. Each time, Evie is drawn by the fascinating sights. But this year, he’s brought something different: a captive girl with barnacles for eyes. Evie risks everything to free her, ignoring her Ma’s warnings to stay away from the freak of nature. But is the Girl truly a monster, or is there more than meets the eye?

This is a preorder. This item will ship on or around July 23rd.

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