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SPLIT SCREAM Vol. 3 - Two Novelettes (softcover; includes eBook)

SPLIT SCREAM Vol. 3 - Two Novelettes (softcover; includes eBook)

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SPLIT SCREAM has a new home at Tenebrous Press! The third volume of editor Alex Ebenstein's acclaimed series is back in print, featuring two novelettes:

So Quiet, So White  Patrick Barb

Roger Grimsby, a small-town curmudgeon known for his ‘80s horror paperback cover art, believes an ancient, bloodthirsty entity with ties to his family may have reemerged. But how does this connect to his wayward grandson, who prying police detectives and grieving parents blame for a recent knife attack massacre at a nearby summer camp? So Quiet, So White is cosmic folk horror that balances the act of creation through destructive forces, with the Grimsby family at the fulcrum. Prepare for bloodshed, and the beauty found within.

Imago Expulsio (The Red Animal of Our Blood)  J.A.W. McCarthy

Shauna’s infatuation with the enigmatic painter she meets at art school escalates into unwavering devotion when she learns about the mercilessly brutal cat and mouse game that has consumed Elise’s life. She vows to protect her, to keep her safe—but how far will she go to keep her promise? A self-portrait vomits viscera and the sinister secrets that lie at the heart of the decadently deranged Imago Expulsio (The Red Animal of Our Blood), where body parts and gore become fine art.

“A real kick in the head, combining the urgency of the short form with the characterization, texture and nuance of longer works. Both authors deserve recognition for the maturity and ingenuity of their writing.”

S.P. Miskowski, I Wish I Was Like You

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