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Tenebrous Press

SPLIT SCREAM Vol. 2 (eBook only)

SPLIT SCREAM Vol. 2 (eBook only)

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SPLIT SCREAM has a new home at Tenebrous Press! The second volume of editor Alex Ebenstein's acclaimed series is back in print, featuring two novelettes:

The Shivering World  Cynthia Gómez

Nayeli’s brilliance should be enough to outshine the darkness she longs to leave behind, but she fears she’ll never get further than what her unstable mother can provide: a sofa bed in a garage. She’s determined to transfer to a good college and get out, but the men in her life-a violent neighbor, a greedy landlord, her mother’s predatory boyfriend-stand in her way. Only once she encounters the supernatural, a being she suspects to be La Llorona herself, does Nayeli begin to truly see the power she is capable of. But at what cost? The Shivering World is a Faustian bargain in a place of poverty and gentrification, where supernatural terrors meet the horrors of escaping to a new life.

What Ate the Angels  M. Lopes da Silva

Non-binary ASMR artist November discovers the sound of a giant heartbeat beneath Los Angeles, which only they seem to hear. When their vore-loving partner Heather, a City Hall archivist, grows ill and can’t get the healthcare she needs, they believe they will find a solution through the thrum. November journeys underground, through abandoned Prohibition-era tunnels, to the den of a creature born from the fabric of the city itself: oil, bones, chemicals-and souls. What Ate the Angels is queer body horror full of dread and pulpy, throbbing filth.

“The combined stories are a beautifully organic Latinx experience. Delicious and terrifying and takes you to literal depths you won’t expect.”

V. Castro, The Haunting of Alejandra

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