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LURE - a novella by Tim McGregor (softcover; includes eBook)

LURE - a novella by Tim McGregor (softcover; includes eBook)

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2022 Shirley Jackson Award Nominee - Best Novella!

About Lure:

In the chapel of a forsaken fishing village on another world's shore, the seawashed bones of old gods hang from the rafters.

When a new god drifts into the bay, the menfolk fear nothing as they reach for their spears; but capturing Her may be their last act of reckless bravado. Her very presence brings dissent and madness. Her voice threatens to tear the starving, angry community apart. 

Setting a siege of relentless horror against the backdrop of brine and blood, Lure blurs the line between natural disaster and self-destruction.

Interior illustrations by Kelly Williams; cover art by Matt Blairstone.


Praise for Lure:

"Immersive and utterly compelling, Tim McGregor's Lure will stab you in the heart with a hook and plunge you deep into the blackest depths where sunlight cannot follow. A monstrously inventive seaside fable of tradition, adolescence, and loss."

  • Eric LaRocca, author of Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke

Lure: an appropriate title for a novella that gripped me hook, line and sinker. Evocative of the sea, with the feel of a folktale, Tim McGregor’s talent for subtlety is bewitching; but when it berths, the horror is visceral.” 

  • Catherine McCarthy, author of Immortelle

"Tightly told, with great tension and pacing; an eerie tale with great social commentary. It's fantastic and stands apart from the crowd." 

  • Laurel Hightower, author of Crossroads and Below


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Films like The VVitch and The Lighthouse

Folk Horror

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Period pieces

About the Author:

Tim McGregor is the author of Hearts Strange and Dreadful, the Spookshow series, and a handful of other titles. Taboo in Four Colors comes out in November. Tim lives in Toronto with his wife, two kids, and one spiteful ghost. He can be reached at

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