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GREEN INFERNO - anthology (eBook only)

GREEN INFERNO - anthology (eBook only)

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Earth is singing our requiem. You just haven’t been listening.

"The stories in Green Inferno are so good, are so full of the very best horror can offer, you won’t even feel bad that the world has turned against us and wants us dead!"

-Cullen Bunn, Harrow County, The Sixth Gun

Green Inferno has arrived! Visual, visceral, gut-churning, mind-blowing horrors await…a lush treasure trove of grim global tales that are strangely full of hope. But not for us.”

-S.A. Sidor, The Last Ritual

Corruption, injustice, rage and contagion have carved the remaining shreds of mankind’s naïveté into cruel focus.

Lurking on the periphery of our collective vision is a stark realization: our planet’s tolerance for the human pest has reached a burning point. Earth is at the end of its rope.

The world celebrates your demise.

Turbulent times call for new voices. With that in mind, Green Inferno claws up from the gloom to stake its claim on the world of Horror. Nineteen unique voices from around the world have gathered to share their dark visions with you…

Literary Horror and Comics collide in a terrifying miasma of Terrestrial Horror: tales of terror bound only by the constraints of our angry world.

From cruel comedy to nihilistic dread; from ghastly dinner parties, to aquatic leviathans, to rural bloodbaths, and all macabre stops in between; Green Inferno lives up to its central conceit:

The world celebrates your demise.

Featuring Work By:

Diane Barker

Bobby Bermea

Matt Blairstone

Michael Falotico

Kristofor Harris

Umiyuri Katsuyama w/Toshiya Kamei

Lorna D. Keach

Spencer Koelle

Jordan Kroeger

Michelle Lodge

Ian McGinty

Eric Neher

Lena Ng

Harry Nordlinger

Erica Ruppert

Blacky Shepherd

Marc Sorondo

Harrison Webb

Alex Woodroe

Edited by Matt Blairstone.

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