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DEHISCENT - a novella by Ashley Deng (softcover; includes eBook)

DEHISCENT - a novella by Ashley Deng (softcover; includes eBook)

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As the world’s climate swings rapidly between oppressively hot and freezing cold, the remnants of civilization huddle in small communities to scrape together what they can to survive.

All except the Zhu family.

Yi has lived in her ancestral house her entire life, sheltered and safe from the scarcity that plagues her community. Her family enjoys a secret life of running water, electricity, and an abundance of food.

But as Yi seeks a way to share their fortune, she learns the terrible secret of the Zhu house.

DEHISCENT is an Eco-Horror tale of a future that has practically arrived, and the humanity that lurks in the most inhuman of places.

Cover art and illustrations by ivyteas

About the Author:

Ashley Deng is a Canadian-born Chinese-Jamaican writer with a love of fantasy and all things Gothic. She studied biochemistry with a particular interest in making accessible the often-cryptic world of science and medicine. When not writing, she spends her spare time overthinking society, culture and genre fiction. Her work has appeared at Nightmare, Fireside, Augur and others. You can find her at or on Twitter at @ashesandmochi.

“Addresses the true horror of climate change: the burden of suffering and infernal knowledge we are leveraging onto the shoulders of the next generation. Inspiring, beautiful stuff.”

  • Wendy N. Wagner, author of The Secret Skin

“A fresh and delicious take on the haunted house…a breathtaking mosaic of powerful themes… Deng’s astonishing debut is a modern classic in the making."

  • Kelsea Yu, author of Bound Feet

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